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Trade your old surf board!

We are offering you the chance to trade your old surf board in on a new Surfboard.

We will take any old surf board! ... short boards,fishes mini mals, mals, longboards, whatever you have laying around in the shed or even your pride and joy sitting in the lounge room! We want it. Obviosly the better condition the board the more money we can offer you!

How it works:

  1. Visit us in our store together with your old Surfboard.
  2. Contact us: Either call, e-mail or write us a message below.
  3. Tell us what your board it is that your wanting to trade and what new Surfboard you are intersted in.
  4. We will then ask you to send us a current picture of your board and we will evaluate the trade-in price and directly let you know how much it is worth against a new Surfboard.

So what are you waiting for! Contact us today and trade that old surf board in against a new Surfboard!

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